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Tony Richards - Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last week on the podcast I do with my good friend I had a fairly passionate discussion with @ictguy about the lack of appropriation and acknowledgement of others work by people in the their blog posts and the growing number of lazy post by people.

This week I happen to see a retweet of a site that caught my attention this post was from the Ed Galaxy site by Kevin Cummins and titled: “Google Drive - Quick reference guide for teachers and students”.

The blog post has an image of a Google Drive Guide and contains 50 words about how reading this guide “will have you and your students using Drive like an expert in no time.”

I decided to have a closer look based on my discussion last week to see if an Australian did the right thing in referencing and acknowledging the work of others. I downloaded the guide and discovered that there was no real reference in the guide nor was there any further reference on the blog post. So rather than sitting back I decided post a comment on the site about the the podcast and asking if this was Kev’s work, if not he should really acknowledge it.
The response was interesting to say the least.

“Thanks Tony for being such a flog. You did a great job at promoting your podcast whilst criticising my article. Read the bottom of the article and you will clearly see the source.”

Firstly the act of calling someone a flog does not make for a sound response and is a poor reflection on modeling smart connection with your audience. The second and most important part was that Kev felt that in the document the listing of the source as “http://drive.google.com/support” was appropriate. Well yes the information may have come from that site but Google did not build this guide (especially as it was in a Word document) and secondly Kev did not write it as it has details within the doc pointing towards the University of Navada!?! Kev also did not put any reference in his blog post which I think is generally a much better way to acknowledge someone else's work.

I responded to Kev with these details and got the following response:

“I really don't care who created the document. It is not copyrighted in any way, and If they wanted credit for it they would have put it on it. That is what most people do.”

This response was amazing given the blatant total lack of understanding about how copyright works. Copyright is applied to any form of work with no need for any formal statement required (Australian Copyright Council), someone created this document and someone owns it which means Kev needs to acknowledge the work or at the very least state that he attempted to get permission. He did neither and thinks that he does not need to if there is not little copyright c on the document.

What really astonishes me is that Kevin Cummins is employed by the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat, Victoria (http://www.ceoballarat.catholic.edu.au/) as the education officer for Learning Technologies (http://ict.ceoballarat.catholic.edu.au/) which means he works with schools across the diocese advising them on the approrpaite and responsible use of technology - seriously. 

What makes this whole situation worse is that his blog contains advertisements and as such he is making an income based on other people’s work without proper acknowledgement which is another level of copyright theft. 
The best bit is not only does Kev undertake this activity he also appears to have the support of the Catholic Diocese as their official ICT website (http://ict.ceoballarat.catholic.edu.au/) contains a link at the top of the page called ‘Kev’s Tips’ which links directly to his Ed Galaxy site, there may be a slight conflict of interest.

As educators we need to model appropriate recognition and use, we also need to stop and read things before retweeting or promoting to make sure that what we are recommending is good content, not lazy blogging.

Google Certified Apps for Education Trainer

Tony Richards - Monday, January 21, 2013

Good news today I have finally completed all the details and requirements to be certified fully as a Google Apps for Education Trainer. It has been great connecting with another network of amazing people and validating the skill and knowledge that I have been developing and building on for the last 5 years.

You can check out my marketplace vendor details here, am expecting my listing to be approved any day.

If you are looking for any services around the planning, implementing, professional development and application of Google Apps for Education or Business please feel free to contact us.

ITmadeSimple joins the Apple Consultants Network

Tony Richards - Friday, July 20, 2012

Today I would like to announce that ITmadeSimple has joined as a Member of the Apple Consultants’ Network. As a ACN consultant we will provide professional development and training to support the implementation of Apple products, technologies and methodologies.



Transit of Venus - working with students

Tony Richards - Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Tomorrow I am working with a range of students from my old High School in Alice Springs around the Transit of Venus. These students will be working to develop some artifacts and resources from the day, they will have direct access to a team of scientists from NASA that are working at the school on the day to following the transit.

It would be great if anyone wanted to make contact with the students on the day or even posts some questions/ideas for the students to research and collect information on.

Be great to get some ideas/input from my amazing online network.


The links for the webcasts of the Transit of Venus are:

Main site: http://www.ccssc.org/transit2012.html

Alice Springs Blog: http://ccsscvenustransit2012.blogspot.com

Gobi Blog: http://ccsscvenustransit2012gobi.blogspot.com

NASA Edge and TV: http://venustransit.nasa.gov/transitofvenus/ (Click on the arrows to see the other live feeds, ours will be of the setup at CMS and possibly the scope views.)

By the Numbers - Facebook

Tony Richards - Sunday, April 29, 2012

With the impending Facebook IPO just around the corner (and don't you just love the fact that Facebook makes all its money from us as users yet our access to its shares will be nonexistent - that's another story) a few interesting numbers have been released in the run up to the share listing.

These numbers highlight the size of Facebook and why social networking needs to understood by educators and school communities but more importantly thinking around where it might fit, what tools we could use and how we could use it to enhance learning and interaction. Children are accessing social networks in greater ever numbers, this will be a tool our children will need to know how to use effectively and efficiently with a clear understanding of how to manage the different views into our lives (personal, professional, social).

Something to think about.



Mashable Blog Article "Facebook Now has 901 Million Users" 23rd April 2012